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Apocalypse Neighbors - Build - Destroy - Repeat

Apocalypse Neighbors is a 2D strategy game with turn-based artillery combat and construction.

The Devil Man has sent forth his demons across ‘Murica and they’ve corrupted your neighbours, the only solution? Take turns in building up your house and destroying your neighbour’s house! To do this you can fling a variety of wacky ammo with catapults and cannons mounted on your house or you could send a tornado their way!

Apocalypse Neighbors will offer cross platform multiplayer; the game is currently being developed for play on most mobile devices, PC and Console. We envision a world where people from all devices are able to play together.

Apocalypse Neighbors full map
Apocalypse Neighbors state map

Visit Murica

100s of increasingly hard levels to keep you entertained

Apocalypse Neighbors characters


Lots of characters each with his own unique ammo

Apocalypse Neighbors ammo

Wacky ammo

Dozens of wacky special ammo to try

Apocalypse Neighbors special features


Many insane special attacks for max destruction

Turn Based Artillery Duelling

Destroy the Demonic Artifacts

Use all the characters, building, ammo and specials at your disposal to rid Murica of demons

Build mad houses

Build and add defenses to protect the Holy Relics stashed in your house. The sky is the limit! What will you build?


Play multiplayer online or on the same device with up to 4 players.

Apocalypse Neighbors gameplay screenshot 1

100s of levels

Each level has a unique background

Apocalypse Neighbors gameplay screenshot 2

Colourful Graphics

Beautiful cartoon graphics

Apocalypse Neighbors gameplay screenshot 3

It's Boomtime!

Entertaining destruction physics