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Apocalypse Neighbors Press Kit

By: BoomCo Games on October 10th, 2015

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Fact Sheet


APOCALYPSE NEIGHBORS is a 2D game with turn-based artillery shooting and building. Use catapults and cannons mounted on your house to destroy the demonic objects in your neighbor’s house. Protect the holy relics stashed in your house by building and adding defenses. Play with dozens of characters each with unique ammo and earn points to spend on upgrades and wacky special attacks and ammo.

The Devil Man has sent forth his demons to corrupt the world. They have hidden evil artifacts that are corrupting houses; destroy these demonic objects using lots of crazy ammo and special attacks. Become an Apocalypse Neighbor and free Murica from demons.

The game balances management and building with artillery duelling. Earn Dominance Points by destroying enemy houses and Demonic Artifacts and then spend them wisely on upgrades, wacky ammo or crazy special attacks. Take turns in attacking and building and find your favourite character and ammo combinations to bring swift retribution to the Devil Man and his minions.

Apocalypse Neighbors Description


  • A large and beautiful campaign map with 251 levels… Wait… what? That’s too many!
  • Cool destruction physics – enjoy watching enemy houses collapse after a great shot.
  • 24 comedic characters each with their own crazy ammo and punchlines!
  • Dozens of wacky special ammo and crazy special attacks!
  • Build mad houses, sky's the limit what will you build?
  • Awesome 2D cartoon anime colourful art!
  • Cross platform multiplayer, the best feature really!
  • Create your own characters, the second best feature!
Apocalypse Neighbors Features

Coming Soon!

Apocalypse Neighbors 2.0 will feature:

  • Cross Platform Multiplayer
  • Online multiplayer
  • Or same device pass’n’play
  • Create your own character
  • New ammo and special attacks
  • New house shapes
  • And much more
Apocalypse Neighbors Coming soon


BoomCo Games is a London-based independent game developer, started in 2013 by passionate gamers, Tristan Perquel and Mark Bracken. We are fun-loving gaming addicts who have dedicated our lives to the worship of video games ever since the days of the Master System.

We always wanted to make video games, but we were never encouraged to pursue that kind of career. But one day we just decided to go for it. So we made a game design document based on our best idea, and we started the company; we raised some money, then we hired a team of talented people and we started work on Apocalypse Neighbors.

Initially we had contractors working for us, but development took longer than expected and we could no longer afford paying the high costs of the invoices. So we soft launched Apocalypse Neighbors on iOS in May 2015. We collected feedback from our players and immediately started acting on it, re-designing certain aspects of the game, improving the pacing and a re-focusing on making a great cross platform multiplayer.

The previous programmers got the game to the iOS app store in May and then went their own way. That’s when Julian Gaskin a talented and experienced programmer joined us. And we are now working together on the improved version of the game.

So what are we all about? We want to create fun and challenging gameplay. We want to make games that you play together with friends and family. We started the company because we were tired of people not making the games we wanted to play. We sat around dreaming about awesome games for too long, so now we bring them to life. Although we are in our infancy, the company is dynamic and resourceful and here to stay.










Apocalypse Neighbors Screenshot 1
Apocalypse Neighbors Screenshot 2
Apocalypse Neighbors Screenshot 3
Apocalypse Neighbors Screenshot 4
Apocalypse Neighbors Screenshot 5
Apocalypse Neighbors Screenshot 6

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Key art and Illustrations

Apocalypse Neighbors Key art and Illustrations 1
Apocalypse Neighbors Key art and Illustrations 2
Apocalypse Neighbors Key art and Illustrations 3
Apocalypse Neighbors Key art and Illustrations 4
Apocalypse Neighbors Key art and Illustrations 5
Apocalypse Neighbors Key art and Illustrations 6

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Apocalypse Neighbors Logos Icons 1
Apocalypse Neighbors Logos Icons 2
Apocalypse Neighbors Logos Icons 3
Apocalypse Neighbors Logos Icons 4

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Download .zip


  • Tristan Perquel – Game Designer and CEO
  • Mark Bracken – Operations Director
  • Julian Gaskin – Lead Software Engineer
  • Andrea Perdana – Lead Artist
  • James Ede – Sound Engineer
  • Ageng Restyamaji – GUI Artist
  • Calyn Dorval – Voice talent
  • Alexander Masters - Voice talent
  • Tarek Ayas – Q.A
  • Patrick Unwin – Website Developer
  • Alexis Hindle – Website Developer